Dark Heresy - AscensionEdit

Combi-weapons are actually two different weapons that have been combined into one firearm. The idea is to provide the user with the versatility of two different types of guns without requiring him to switch between them (not to mention carry them both) on the battlefield. Each combi-weapon starts with a primary weapon, often a lasgun, autogun, or boltgun. Slung under the primary weapon’s barrel is a one-shot secondary weapon. This is usually more powerful than the primary weapon; since it only carries one shot, it had better be a powerful one. Combi-meltas, combi-plasma, and combi-grenade launchers are all popular variations of combi-weapons (combi-weapons are usually named after their secondary weapon). Combi-weapons are most common in the Guard, Adepta Sororitas, and Adeptus Astartes, though many more militant-minded Throne Agents prefer them to bulk out their personal firepower. Any two basic ranged weapons or any two pistol weapons can be combined into a combi-weapon. First, select which weapon is the primary weapon and which is the secondary weapon. The primary weapon retains its statistics—rate of fire, ammo capacity, and so forth—while the secondary weapon has its clip size reduced to one and its rate of fire becomes S/–/–. The weight of the new, combined weapon is equal to the weight of the primary weapon plus half the weight of the secondary weapon. The rarity is equal to the rarity of the rarer of the two weapons, plus one additional step. The GM has the final say on which weapons may and may not be combined

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